Alex Drueke returns home after being released from Russian captivity Get Whole Detail

Alex Drueke returns home after being released from Russian captivity
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(NewsNation) — Lois “Bunny” Drueke finally got the news she was waiting for Wednesday, three months after her son, Alex Drueke, was taken prisoner while fighting with Ukrainian forces.

“I don’t think I’ve touched the ground since I got the phone call 24 hours ago,” she told NewsNation. “It’s just so amazing and exciting.”

Alex, 40, was among 10 prisoners freed by Russian-backed separatists in a prisoner swap brokered by Saudi Arabia.

While Bunny worked tirelessly to keep her son’s name in the headlines and bring him home, she had no idea it was going to happen until she got the call. It just “came out of the blue,” she said.

Alex was seen by doctors as a precaution and treated for dehydration, she said, but is otherwise healthy.

“The doctor said he allowed them to come home. So we have been busy trying to coordinate all the flight plans and get them home soon,” said Bunny.

Alex is currently in Saudi Arabia, which helped negotiate the deal with Russian-backed separatists, Bunny is expected to return to the US in a few days.

Alex was not the only American released in the contract.

Andy Huynh, 27, was also captured in June in eastern Ukraine. The pair went missing after their unit came under heavy fire in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region, near the Russian border, on June 9.

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Both men are veterans. Alex served two tours in Iraq and Huynh served four years in the US Navy.

Bunny said the two families have been in constant contact since the men disappeared.

“I have stayed in touch with his fiancee, Joy, and her mother. We talk every day,” she said.

Huynh, according to Bunny, was able to call Joy for the first time in more than 100 days.

“I do not believe [Joy] he stopped smiling ever since he heard it,” Bunny said.


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