All hyped up and full of Trailer Worms Teases Trippy Horror Film Get Whole Detail

All hyped up and full of Trailer Worms Teases Trippy Horror Film
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After the world premiere of Fantasia, a new trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film All up and full of worms was released, teasing the genre’s chaotic entry.

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All up and full of worms Stars Phillip Andre Botello (Martial Arts), Trevor Dawkins (Simple), Betsey Brown (Fear of the Sixty-One), Eva Fellows, Mike Lopez, Carol Rhyu, and Sammy Arechar. Alex Phillips is making his directorial debut here in addition to writing the script.

Check out the trailer All up and full of worms below:

“Working at a makeshift motel, maintenance man Roscoe (Botello) is always looking for his latest fix,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “When he stumbles upon a powerful hallucinogen worm, his days of dime-store medicine are over. Along with his new love interest (Dawkins), the couple embark on a whirlwind of sex, violence, and becoming one with dirt.”

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All up and full of worms is set to premiere on November 8, 2022, and will be available on horror streaming service Screambox. The film will also receive a wide digital release, followed by a special window on Cinedigm’s Fandor platform.


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