Ana de Armas leaked Scenes From Blonde Will Go Viral » Viral.Spot72 Get Whole Detail

Ana de Armas leaked Scenes From Blonde Will Go Viral » Viral.Spot72
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Ana de Armas Finds It ‘Upsetting’ That Her N*de Scenes From Blonde Will Go Viral

The Gray Man actress’ performance in the Andrew Dominik-directed film has garnered accolades from both critics and fans alike for its outstanding quality. On the other hand, it is generally agreed that the movie as a whole did not live up to expectations, which is likely the reason why Rotten Tomatoes only gives it a rating of 53%.

Coming back around to the topic at hand, Ana de Armas recently discussed the n*de sequences she filmed for the film Blonde and how it makes her feel “disgusting” to think that those images would be extensively shared on the internet. In a conversation with Variety, Ana expressed her sentiments as follows: “It’s terrible simply to think about it. I don’t have any control over it, and you don’t really have any control over what other people do or how they misinterpret things either.

Ana De Armas is disgusted over her undressed scenes in ‘Blonde’

I don’t believe that it caused me to have second thoughts; rather, it left a sour taste in my mouth whenever I considered where those tapes may go in the future. “I know what’s going to go viral, and it’s horrible,” the person said. Ana de Armas stated. “I did things in this movie that I would have never done for anybody else, ever,” the actor said. “Not even for myself.” I did it for her, and I did it for [Andrew Dominik],” the actress from Blonde said further.

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In a recent interview on the movie, the actress from No Time to Die claimed that before to filming it, she contacted Marilyn Monroe to get her approval to use her likeness in the film. Ana said that she had put a letter on Monroe’s grave that had notes from all of the crew members.

Not just in the past, but even more recently, Ana de Armas has said that she sensed the presence of Marilyn Monroe while working on the set of Blonde. De Armas is certain that the ghost of the late actress stalked the set of their movie and even attempted to contact with the crew by moving objects about.


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