Atlanta Soundtrack: New Algiers Song Starbenders; The Power of the Cat of the Grapes Get Whole Detail

Atlanta Soundtrack: New Algiers Song Starbenders; The Power of the Cat of the Grapes
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Argel | “Bite the Sea (com Billy Woods and Backxwash)”

One of the best parts of listening to this long Algeria opus should take you on a journey that transcends the genre and any expectations you may have based on most early punk. Pure and simple, this collaboration with Backxwash inspired metal and New York billy jungle ignites the airwaves and then dances through the ashes.

Formed in 2012, Algiers is made up of vocalist Franklin James Fisher, bassist Ryan Mahan, guitarist Lee Tesche and drummer Matt Tong. The band headlined Riot Fest in Chicago and will embark on a major European tour beginning in February.


Star Benders | “Blood Moon”

What better way to usher in another bad season than with magical glam rock Star Benders? Formed in 2013 with the legendary Kimi Shelter, the group released their latest album, love drugFebruary 2020. So it was a matter of – ahem – spelling as they have made a complete design. But fear not, as they’ve continued their impressive streak of singles to submerge our music, like the old bellicose banger. “no one heard.”

Starbenders explains the concept of this moonwalk in a cryptic speech worthy of replacing “Anyone Remember Laughter?” By Robert Plant: . Instead of giving in to frustration and anger, we decided to join the fray and make some noise. Blood Moon it’s our catharsis.” Let the catharsis of the bad fall begin!

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Cat Power | “He Ward”

Cat Power, or Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall, grew up in Atlanta, and her early years were shrouded in a dark, destructive atmosphere that often engulfed the city’s creative soul during the 1980s and 1990s. She said. The Guardian 2003, the year this song was released: “Everybody I loved in Atlanta was doing heroin and it was really bad and bad, so I went to New York.”

Over the next few years, Marshall honed his talent for ethereal, haunting sounds and powerful lyrics – a long career marked by brilliance and turmoil. Our vintage style of the week comes from their album You are freeWhich featured guest appearances by Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl.


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