Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ is the straight romantic comedy that people need to see Get Whole Detail

Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ is the straight romantic comedy that people need to see
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Hi straight!

(If you are, in fact, straight, you may not understand that this greeting is a reference to Meg Stalter’s clever comedy, known as the “Hi gay!” video.)

((Meg Stalter is a bisexual actress and comedian, whose short videos featuring her delivery of monologues as fictional characters have often gone viral, now co-hosting HBO Max’s Hacks and Jean Smart.))

((Jean Smart is a veteran actress, with her breakout role on the beloved sitcom A woman who designs and, as is the case with famous actresses who have had long careers, she is a respected LGBTQ icon.)))

As you can see, it can be very difficult to explain references from part of the LGBTQ community to an unfamiliar (heterosexual) audience. That’s why Billy Eichner and director Nick Stoller finish it Bros miraculous boundaries.

Broswhich hits theaters next week, is the first romantic comedy about a same-sex couple to be released theatrically by a major studio. Yes, it’s 2022, and, while it may seem like there’s been a lot of progress in terms of LGBT inclusion in movies—Love, Simon and Fire Islandfor example — this is history.

More than that, it’s scary. What if people can’t see it? Hollywood is soft and smooth. The industry will take a risk if they think the audience is there, but if not, then it is possible that Hollywood will not have another chance for a similar project. So, friends: Go watch Bros.

If Bros‘The mass release is, in fact, an experiment, there are things that go to its success: It’s really funny. It’s raw and raunchy. It’s exciting. It makes fun of life as a gay man over the age of 30 – over the age of 40, even! -New York City to feel real, as if it was actually written by a gay man for other gay men, someone who doesn’t care if straight people necessarily “get it.” That way Bros reference to the gay community, while also being self-aware about making fun of the community is, well, just too gay. It was a pleasure to see!

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Of course, the people behind it Bros you care if straight people “get it.” Eichner’s character, Bobby, is a gay podcaster and historian. He delves into what it means to be gay in the present, along with the question of what we do or don’t have to do with previous generations. He got a job as director of the first-ever LGBT History Museum, which brings these conversations to the forefront.

Bobby also presents passionate, emotional monologues about concepts such as identity, self-loathing, integrity, shame, adultery, and oppression in a unique way. These are cathartic and enlightening; Bros he manages to educate a straight audience without making the entire film central to whether straight people will understand or not.

The film is also a romantic comedy in the traditional sense, and it comes close to the formula of the genre we all love so much.

Bobby and Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) both stand in their own ways as unrelated people. When they meet, Bobby assumes that he and the hunky lawyer have nothing in common. But they are, in ways they never expected, drawn to each other. This leads them to discover what that means in terms of who they thought they were and how they thought about love and commitment.

That’s pretty traditional. But the way the film follows this premise also feels… gay.

Take the movie’s miraculous approach to sex and hook-up culture, for example: I’m a pure angel who has never been on a hookup app or tried to take a nude photo – heaven no – but what I hearthe awkward, medical path that Bobby’s Grindr encounters is depicted with true rings. The same can be said about the four-way sex scene between Bobby, Aaron, and Aaron’s partner in the film: “I think I’ll drive him and his man later.” I would venture that this is the first time a line like this has been uttered in a studio romantic comedy.

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It’s not fair! We had AIDS, and they had ‘Glee.’

Bros also features some original rom-com characters as well. It turns out that the typical rom-com thing about someone thinking it’s not good enough to love another person also happens to be very gay. As any film featuring believable gay characters needs to be, there are many complaints about this and other points. Bros. (Relatable!) “You’re like a gay boy growing up, and I’m like whatever happens in Evan Hansen,” Bobby tells Aaron. And then there’s his peer angst, too. “It’s not fair!” He complained about Gen Z. “We had AIDS and they had it Glee.”

Bros he observes how ridiculous some of this culture can be—or at least how it appears to the outside world. (Hell, even within us) “Gay men are stupid,” Bobby said at one point, and I—one of those stupid gays—jumped out of my seat. Talk about it. The tired nature of the progressive demands of awakening is also given a positive character punch, as a reference to the Hallmark holiday movie about queer, polyamorous love called Christmas Togetherand a crack about how gay couples who are expecting their first child at the same time they enter the throuple will have a “gender reveal.”

There were—and still are—a lot of requirements and expectations for this type of film Bros it must be required. Every part of the story will be scrutinized and alternately celebrated or criticized because of the unique gay experience being highlighted. Who feels seen or represented, and who feels excluded? Given the necessity of that, it’s amazing Bros Does this sound good and does it feel true?

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It helps that Eichner and Stoller cast all the main characters, even the straight ones, with openly LGBT characters. That’s a very powerful thing to do when given a platform like high-profile comics.

There’s a scene near the end of the movie where Bobby looks out into the crowd at the museum and sees a sea of ​​LGBT-identifying people from all walks of life, all dancing together. I was really moved by what I discovered that had been missing from the movie screen for most of my adult life: not just gay love, but gay happiness.

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