Blame the ‘Normal Group’ GOP for Donald Trump’s Political Survival Get Whole Detail

Blame the ‘Normal Group’ GOP for Donald Trump’s Political Survival
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This week we’ve had a few reminders of something we’ve known for a long time: Donald Trump’s political survival was made possible by ordinary Republicans.

Let’s start with a statement from GOP congressman-in-exile Liz Cheney on Monday at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI): “There was a moment. [January] 6 so if [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy said, ‘This is absolutely unacceptable… It should have been ruled, “We would be living in a very different country than we are now,” Cheney said. “But instead,” Cheney continued, “Kevin McCarthy decided to go to Mar-a-Lago and welcome Donald Trump back to the party before January is even over.”

Did McCarthy’s quick surrender allow Trump to get back on the couch? It feels reasonable. But it wasn’t just McCarthy. His Senate counterpart, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, also blinked immediately when he might present a coup.

“We all know Trump is crazy,” McConnell said immediately after the riots on January 6 at the Capitol (according to an excerpt from the upcoming book). Uncertain: The Untold Story Behind Donald Trump’s Congressional Impeachment). “I finished him. I will never speak to him again.

Soon, however, McConnell found that members of his committee were justifying Trump’s behavior—and how they were opposed to impeaching him.

After Cheney urged McConnell to publicly support impeachment, McConnell adopted a passive strategy: “Let’s just ignore him,” he reportedly said.

This clumsy approach never works. The idea that ignoring Trump will cause him to leave is reminiscent of a GOP official who, around November 10, famously asked: “What’s the bottom line of his joke this little time?”

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As the authors of Uncertain write, McConnell “never actually encouraged his colleagues to rule. Instead, he told them that the rule would be the ‘vote of conscience.’

It’s certainly plausible to think that a tough, unwavering, united fight from McConnell and McCarthy might make the difference. What is more controversial, however, is that many members of the so-called Common Core (Republicans who correctly believe that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States) continue to empower not only Trump, but very bad. The idea of ​​America that Trump has normalized: refusal to choose.

Take Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin for example. He was elected in 2021 following culture-war issues as opposed to his sensitive racial views, but he is essentially a Republican establishment, in the (intellectual) mold of Mitt Romney. So why was it reported this week that he was going to Arizona to campaign for Kari Lake?

As Nick Catoggio wrote in the Dispatch, Youngkin’s power is particularly disappointing because “If even a new Romney-esque party can’t afford neutrality, at least, when asked to choose between an autocrat and an Arizona Democrat , so the difference between the customs and the rest of the party feel ineffective.”

And Youngkin isn’t the only member of The Commons to support Lake. During the primary campaign, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called Lake a “fake” who was “misleading voters” by labeling him a “deed.” Then, after she won the Republican nomination, he endorsed her, leading to a Arizona Republic reporter to ask if Ducey lied about the lake past and present.

It is worth noting that Ducey first hit Lake on the right side. He didn’t insist that it was an election protest (in fairness, to him did She said she was “misleading voters”, instead focusing on the fact that she is not a true conservative.

In 2020, Ducey earned our respect by standing up to Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the Arizona election. So what caused him to step down in 2022?

I might as well pose this question to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who also boldly rejected Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election results in his state by pressuring state officials to “get it.” voices.”

These days, however, The Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter writes that Kemp is standing “shoulder-to-shoulder with one of the state’s top contenders. That man is his successor, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, Burt Jones.” “

At this point, I would be surprised to find a prominent Republican who it is not supporting the promoter of the Big Lie.

To get a sense of the level of hypocrisy that permeates the GOP today, look no further than Wednesday, when nine House Republicans (including Cheney) voted against the Vote Counting Act. This sensible reform was intended to minimize any future attempts to overthrow a successful election. As far as I am concerned, this reform should have passed unanimously. Yet 203 Republicans voted “no.”

And it gets worse. As Politico noted, most of the nine Republicans who voted for the bill “have lost their primaries or announced retirement.” It’s really a sad situation. For those of us who are hopeful that one day mainstream Republican leaders will reclaim their party, I’m beginning to wonder how long there even is.

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In the book of Genesis, Abraham bargained with the Lord, getting him to agree to save the city of Sodom if he could get a little. ten righteous people.

Today’s Republican Party could not survive that low standard, either.


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