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Breitengüßbach accident » Viral.Spot72 ‣ Viral.Spot72
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A three-year-old guy was trapped under a car in an accident in Breitenglas at the scene of a serious car accident in the Bamberg district.

According to a spokeswoman for the Bamberg-Land police inspection in on call, the accident happened on Thursday shortly before 5 a.m. It is moreover about the three-year-old girl in question.

“The girl battled on foot on the sidewalk accompanied by her mother,” reports Stephan Zauzig, service group leader at the Bamberg-Land police inspection, on Thursday evening in an interview with “The guy suddenly started running near a junction.”

A 65-year-old woman was about to turn into the road with her Mercedes B-Class when a three-year-old stormed into it. The girl was hit by the car at the intersection.

“The type ended up under the car,” says Zauzig, describing the state of affairs on site. It is still unclear whether the three-year-old was run over by the wheels. “The type battle was trapped for a short time,” reports the police officer. “The accident car was jacked up with a jack.”

The girl was then freed, but suffered serious injuries. “On site, the doctors came to the conclusion that the type was in danger of life,” said the head of the Bamberg-Land police force.

The victim was transported to a hospital in a rescue helicopter with his mother at his side. According to current information, the 65-year-old Mercedes driver was unharmed.


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