Breton, a great white shark, baffles scientists by taking a “self-portrait” using GPS Get Whole Detail

Breton, a great white shark, baffles scientists by taking a “self-portrait” using GPS
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A great white shark appears to have taken a stunning ‘selfie’ with a GPS tracker attached as it searches for prey in the sea.

Marine scientists searching for the Breton great white shark were shocked by this unexpected artifact. A 13ft underwater predator was reportedly fitted with a tracking device as part of a research program by the marine research charity OCEARCH in Nova Scotia, Canada in September 2020. Two years on Back then, scientists were surprised to see a sea monster drawing in the shape of a shark. . when he swam along the east coast of New Jersey, Chincoteague, Virginia and Long Bay, South Carolina.



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Breton’s movements are marked with a GPS ping each time he appears. The creature drew a “head” as it emerged off the coast of Florida and the Carolinas. The search for data points also created a “backfire” pattern around Washington DC and New York, as well as a “tail” around Nova Scotia. What else? Breton even drew the outline of a “juice fin” as the shark made a triangular path through the sea and back.


The stunning photo has made waves on social media, garnering several hilarious responses.


“Shark Tracker is an awesome app anyway, but it’s just that Breton is awesome,” one wrote on Twitter.

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“Jaws? More like a draw,” joked another.

“I’m a little jealous that sharks travel so much,” joked another.

“Oh he knew exactly what he was doing…. BA-BY SHARK DO DO DO DO DOOO,” added another.


According to The Sun, Breton was first spotted on September 12, 2020 on Scaterie Island in Nova Scotia. It was marked on Wednesday, September 21 at 3:29 am local time in Baie de Plaisance in Quebec. That said, this isn’t the first time Breton has made headlines. He gained attention in June when he was found hiding near the Indian River lagoon system in Florida. In May, the 1,500-pound monster was spotted dangerously close to the coast of North Carolina.



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It should be noted that OCEARCH has tracked several sharks in Carolinas coastal waters over the past two years. Three great whites were tracked down in the same area in April, including the group’s biggest suspect. Mahone is 13-foot-7 and weighs 1,701 pounds. They were followed by two great whites – Ulysses, a 12ft, 990 lb juvenile shark spotted on the beach on April 6, and Tancook, a 10ft, 715 lb juvenile shark that struck on April 10.


OCEARCH is a non-profit organization known for tagging marine animals to collect data that can be passed on to marine researchers. A tagged shark’s GPS radio will emit a “ping” to let scientists know its location as it swims near the water’s surface. The data collected helps scientists learn more about migration habits, mating regions and places where sharks raise their young. The team aims to tag at least 100 sharks across the western North Atlantic.

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