Don’t forget to marry these four types of men. Unmarried girls must read » Viral.Spot72 Get Whole Detail

Don’t forget to marry these four types of men. Unmarried girls must read » Viral.Spot72
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Because of this information, all my sisters can save their lives from being told. Every sister must take care of these things before getting into a relationship, and she should not enter into a relationship with the sight of a good man’s wealth. It should be done by a moral person, especially parents should keep this information in mind. This information will help you to find a good relationship.

Save life from destruction. 1. The first is the man who has relations with other women and even though he is married, he has sexual relations with other women besides his wife. 2. Second, do not marry a person who is a usurer, meaning such a business that comes under the scope of usury in the eyes of Shariat, because usury is a curse. 3. Thirdly, the person who is promiscuous means the victim of sexuality. 4. Fourth, a person who does not marry a person who drinks alcohol, such a person does not care about himself and his home. The death of innocent Zainab raised many questions.

Started many new discussions. Along with this, famous people also started telling people about the incidents of such accidents that happened to them and how they were subjected to the same. A Twitter user Dr. “Fatima Shereen” narrated the incident to her followers Had an encounter with a bride and died on the honeymoon. The bride suffered ‘internal’ injuries and died due to excessive blood loss. The post-mortem revealed a very shameful thing. Fatima Shereen wrote on social media giving the details: “A patient was brought to me who was diagnosed After that, it was found where the internal injury was. We somehow convinced his father for the post-mortem. After their consent when we post

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After the autopsy, it was found that her husband, i.e. the bride, was a mental patient who used iron rods on the wedding night. After that, the doctor commented that the girl died on her wedding day. And we cannot teach our children to deal with such dangers? Our society has the right to die. “When Fatima narrated this incident, a series of questions started from Twitter users. A customer, Mehroz Ayub, asked, “And then what happened?” Was a complaint filed with the police?” Fatima replied, “Yes! But there was no court action.

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