Dragon House: We Should Have Let Game of Thrones Die When We Had The Chance Get Whole Detail

Dragon House: We Should Have Let Game of Thrones Die When We Had The Chance
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When talking about television shows of the era, Game of Thrones should be at the top of the list.

The high fantasy drama aired eight years in the middle of the 2010s, and was undoubtedly one of the most influential shows of all time in its prime. It was one of those rare shows where you either loved it and couldn’t get enough of it, or hated it and couldn’t turn away because literally everyone else you knew was watching it. Game of Thrones it’s one of the few true “cultural events” of the 21st century, and probably everyone realizes that especially because it crashed and burned.

Game of Thrones“Trouble is a story that has been told a million times by a million different people, but what is less talked about is the fallout from there, and finally being released. Home of the Dragon spinoff. The critical reception didn’t stop HBO from throwing a bunch of ideas at their development wall to see what would stick, and three years later A World of Ice and Fire is back on our screens.

Another hypothetical schedule where Home of the Dragon she actually had a way of really spreading her wings, we might be able to forgive some of them. Game of ThronesThe biggest issues and say, “Well, that wasn’t good at the end, but look at this amazing show we came out with,” but in order for that to happen, the show has to come out of the box. Game of Thrones the world. It is a true contradiction; HotD I cannot exist without it GoTbut it will never escape the sins of its predecessors and it is condemned to be compared forever.

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Home of the Dragon has been pushed to show that women are central when it comes to the ins and outs of Westerosi politics, but in reality there is not much that is different from what we have already watched for 8 seasons. Women are not treated as openly as they used to be Game of Thronesbut Alicent and Rhaenyra are still trapped in the male-dominated society of their birth. They have to work in the same way that Cersei Lannister and Sansa Stark did in a poor structure. GoTand that would be interesting if we didn’t already know how it was likely to play out. Producers on HotD I talked about framing the story from a female perspective, but what if the result is new characters who are doomed to face the same struggles we’ve seen before in the same way?

Just as Alicent and Rhaenyra are trapped by the rules of the world around them, Home of the Dragon It is hampered by the fact that it happens inside Game of Thrones the world. The story must end in its own way in order for the rest to continue GoT to happen, and that means there is very little room for change. The first part of the Home of the DragonRhaenyra said, “She wants to fly with him [Alicent] while, behold the great wonders of the narrow sea, and eat only the cake,” I can’t help but wonder if that would ultimately make for a good show. If Alicent and Rhaenyra aren’t limited to the story already set up for them, there’s a lot of story fun in the idea that they’re going against everyone and everything they know to burn down the system by giving them little to no agency. no There is no good story without conflict, but conflict is what it is Home of the Dragon she introduces Alicent and Rhaenyra chokes on the fact that women don’t really have any rights in Westeros. That might have been fun to watch ten years ago, but now? It’s disappointing.

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In fact, the only way we can find more interesting fantasy television is to dive into new worlds. There are many fantasy books waiting for big budget adaptations like Game of Thronesand we all deserve to see a new company shine. This is not to say that it needs to be set in a world without sexsim (don’t get me wrong, that would be nice), but the story has to deal with these issues in more complex ways. Game of Thrones or Home of the Dragonand it’s not that hard. Recent entries in this genre The Jasmine Throne and Poppy War Their leading women in the world are inspired from outside of medieval Europe, and are allowed to respond to violence and oppression with equal power. There are social rules that these characters must follow, but they are also allowed to break these rules when they need to, and that’s something. Home of the Dragon it will never really be able to pay off its characters.

From a business perspective, it’s easy to understand why HBO wants to go back Game of Thrones. It was the most popular show in the world, and Home of the Dragon he is doing well in the second season to continue. But the world of George RR Martin’s yet-to-be-completed saga isn’t new and unpredictable—it’s safe. Everyone knows what they are getting, and we might get more from something else. There are better stories to tell, better “feminist perspectives” to dive into, and the only way we’ll ever see them is if we let them. Game of Thrones walk as we should have when it comes to the end of the flame 2019.

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