Former member of Tinny and DJ Naycha has renamed himself Zakioo Get Whole Detail

Former member of Tinny and DJ Naycha has renamed himself Zakioo
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A former member of the Ghanaian hiplife group, Nature & Agony has rebranded and relaunched his career with new projects.

Daymon Kotey who was part of the group that gave birth to the career of Ga rap legend Tinny and DJ Naycha, has now changed his name to Zakioo.

He also developed and returned to lead a revolution against the death of the highlife and hiplife genre.

A seasoned musician who has survived two generations of artists since his early days performing with his youth group Nature and Agony at the National Theater in 1994, he believes he still has that talent and That sweet dynamism made it possible for him to present his art in the world. An event organized by Fan Anano in collaboration with the National Arts & Culture Authority.

After taking a break from music for a while, the musician is ready to please fans with more uplifting songs.

He is under the record label Black Mamba Music (BMM).

BMM is a music record label brought together by Executive and Management members with their own experience in the music circles, way back in the mid 90’s when the Ghanaian music genre known as Hip-Life was finally popularized.

According to the bad music record label, musical talent has been produced and presented on the music scene by the individual members of the current Black Mamba Music and this has seen groups like Nature & Agony, with the help of artists like Tic Tac, Buk- Bak etc. Hitting the studio and getting their music and videos to dominate the airwaves for the first time in their music careers.

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Currently, the record label Black Mamba Musique has assigned itself the responsibility of restoring the music scene, artists who for some reason have been suspended for other activities, but are still able to influence society with their current structure. exist. The Afro Pop genre that is making waves in the music world. One such artist currently in the market is Zakioo, formerly of Nature & Fame.

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The reason why the Black Mamba Music group started this journey is often to force the hands of the organizers of the music awards to create categories such as “The artist with the best comeback of the year in review”. Or better yet, “highly skilled artist of the year”.

The record label also has in its building a dynamic young talent who are currently working in various studios to prepare to present to the world what they have recorded.

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