Grand Theft Auto VI Leaker Reportedly Arrested in UK Get Whole Detail

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaker Reportedly Arrested in UK
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History Grand Theft Auto VI The leak was one of the biggest in media history. According to a new report, it appears that the hacker behind this major breach is confined to the United Kingdom.

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According to the Twitter account of the London police, a 17-year-old boy was arrested in Oxfordshire “on suspicion of burglary.” Journalist Matthew Keys then noted on Twitter that one of his sources said the arrest was related to the Rockstar Games hack and possibly the Uber one, too. GTAForums user teapotuberhacker, as noted by his username, said that they had hacked both companies, after all.

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London police did not give specifics, but Keys said an update was likely to come later this afternoon. He even said that the investigation was done with the FBI.


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