I wanted my marriage to be in cold weather. Iman Ali said such a thing » Viral.Spot72 Get Whole Detail

I wanted my marriage to be in cold weather. Iman Ali said such a thing » Viral.Spot72
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Lahore (Web Desk) Pakistani model and actress Iman Ali got married last year, the photos and videos of the ceremony went viral on social media and now the model’s sister singer Rahma Ali also got married secretly. Months, which she had not talked about with anyone, and now in an interview, the singer herself revealed that this marriage was unexpected for her too. The singer married her sister Iman Ali.

The marriage took place after a month and in this regard, he said that he had no idea that his marriage would take place in the same year. Rahma Ali got married to his friend Sabtain whom she had known for many years But this love could not go ahead because I had to go to Karachi for acting, I came back to Lahore in 2014 and even then we both loved each other. Sabtain proposed to me and we got engaged in 2016, we were supposed to get married then but it didn’t happen and our engagement broke off, after which we didn’t have any contact with each other for two years,” added the singer. That ‘after that we met again in March this year at a friend’s wedding, our love rekindled

Gai, Sabtain said he still wants to marry me, I refused, but he did it, he suddenly proposed again and said if I have no problem, let’s get married now. It was the last week of March, he talked to his sisters and my family and they said that they are very happy for us because we are meant to be together and it is true that we are meant to be together. Rahma said that she wanted them to get married in winter but her family wanted them to get married immediately, “Our family said they will not give us time this time”. Rahma and Sabtain got married on April 19 at the Bahria Grand Mosque, during which Rahma wore a traditional wedding dress. On April 20, he

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The wedding reception was held for both of them, during which Rahma was seen in a red gown. Rahma’s sister Iman Ali was also seen in a very beautiful way. Regarding her future plans, Rahma said that she used to work in music. She said, ‘Since we are both singers, we will make songs together soon. I quit acting because my father-in-law told me to quit acting when I got engaged to Sabtain. Because they don’t like showbiz, then I worked a little bit but not much.’ It may be recalled that Rahma Ali rose to fame by singing the song ‘Nadia’ with Jimmy Khan in Season 7 of Coke Studio.

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