“In three days, even a difficult need like a mountain will be removed” ‣ Viral.Spot72 Get Whole Detail

“In three days, even a difficult need like a mountain will be removed” ‣ Viral.Spot72
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Ya Badi’ Al-Samwaat-i-Wal-Arz: Oh, the one who invents things. The number is eighty-six. Whoever faces any grief or trouble or any difficulty should recite Badi’ Samwat-Wal-Arz a thousand times. If the Almighty wills, he will be blessed with prosperity. Whoever sleeps while reciting this name in ablution, the dream will be seen, whatever the Almighty wills. Whoever recites Badi al-Ajaib Bul Khair or Badi twelve hundred times for twelve days after the Isha prayer, then whatever work or purpose

will read for, if the Almighty wills, the whole process will be achieved before the end. For any grief or important need, read a thousand times or Badi Samwat Walard, if the Almighty wills, the grief will be removed and the goal will be fulfilled. Whoever recites this name abundantly, he will be given knowledge and wisdom by the Almighty and the Almighty will release from his tongue those sciences, which he did not know before. The resident number is one hundred and thirteen. Whoever recites this name 1000 times on Friday night, Allah Almighty will protect him from all kinds of harm and all his good deeds will be accepted and he will be freed from grief. He who recites a hundred times a day before the sun rises, if Allah wills, he will die

Until then nothing will be suffered and will be forgiven in the end. If he recites a hundred times on a Saturday with the intention of defeating the enemy at some point after ablution and two rak’ats of Nafil, Allah wills, he will be submissive and obedient to the enemy. Whoever makes it a habit to recite 113 times after every obligatory prayer, no one can depose him from his position, even if the jinns and humans gather against him. Whoever recites it a hundred times or the rest every day, if the Almighty wills, his actions will be accepted. Hazrat Jundab (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: An Arab came (from somewhere) and saddled his camel, then tied it to its leg and went to pray behind the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). After finishing the prayer, he

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He came to his camel and untied its rope. Then he rode on it and began to pray: Ya Allah! So have mercy on me and Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and do not share our mercy with anyone else. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said (to the Companions): What do you think is more misguided or his camel? Did you not hear what he said? They said: Why not? It is vast, Allah Almighty created a total of hundred mercies, out of which Allah Almighty sent down one mercy (on earth), among the creatures, jinns, humans and beasts (beasts) show compassion and kindness to each other because of it.

He has ninety-nine blessings. Now what do you say that it is more misguided (who does not know the extent of God’s mercy) or his camel (which is subordinate to him).

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