Kim Jong-un’s ‘secret girl’ caught on camera; Kim Ju-ae Seen On Stage With Other Children (DAUGHTER) Get Whole Detail

Kim Jong-un’s ‘secret girl’ caught on camera; Kim Ju-ae Seen On Stage With Other Children (DAUGHTER)
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The daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been seen on state TV for the first time. Kim’s only daughter’s face was photographed during North Korea’s National Day celebrations earlier this month.

She was reportedly named Kim Ju-ae, who appeared on stage with other children singing a song for Kim Jong-un and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, but one thing about her, in particular, has come to light. .

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong un’s secret daughter Kim Ju-ae

The girl has been identified as Kim Ju-ae

Writing under the name of Samhero, one of the commentators on the blog ‘InDPRK’ noted how Ri Sol-ju reaches this special girl at the end of the show. She puts her hand on the child’s back and is seen talking to him privately, breaking away when she needs to get another girl out of her husband’s way, according to him. Telegraph.

During the show, when the other children are jumping for joy around the North Korean dictator, the girl seems normal and calm. She grabbed another girl’s hand to hold her back as she walked closely with Kim.

The camera continued to focus on Kim Ju-ae

Other features were also highlighted by the commentator as the camera began to focus on her as she began to sing. Also, the camera continued to focus on her again and again supporting the claim that she could be the daughter of a celebrity.

Her appearance is very striking – she is the only girl who wears her hair down, and she is the only one who wears white socks. In addition, the Kims themselves seem to be very invested in the performance – at one point the camera cuts directly to the first bright family close to the girl, according to Daily Mail.

Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong is also seen wiping tears from time to time. Some also pointed out that the girl only performed on stage with Kim and missed her performance the next night when Kim didn’t show up.

Kim’s daughter will be about the same age as the girl in question, according to Michael Madden, an expert on North Korea. Kim’s daughter could be around 10 years old in 2022 which is close to the age of the girl seen in state media footage.

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