LeVar Burton criticizes Kanye West for not reading Get Whole Detail

LeVar Burton criticizes Kanye West for not reading
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Rapper, former presidential hopeful and Danny McBride fan Kanye West has been very open lately—he just hasn’t had a book. Kanye West admits he’s never read a book–and Reading Rainbow Host LeVar Burton is having none of it.

A recent podcast episode Alo Mind Full podcast, Kanye West admitted, “I haven’t really read any books…Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts and talking is like Giorgio Baldi’s corn ravioli.” For what it’s worth, a quick Google search tells us Giorgio Baldi costs $25, which is apparently the price Kanye West is putting in the conversation. Also, it is listed as Angolotti, which means that he did not read it.

LeVar Burton, host Reading Rainbow from 1983-2006 and 155 episodes (that’s, like, a lot of books), who jumped in, took a little jab at Kanye West, part of tweeting, “Hmmm… I’m going [to] He should take Mr. West’s words.”

This is from Kanye West opening Donda Academy, a private school that reportedly has a $15k/year enrollment and requires a non-disclosure agreement. The school is named after his mother.

LeVar Burton has also shown some motivation based in part on this. “I hope, however, that he shares a different message with the children at the school he founded, named after his mother, who was a young woman. [sic] Professor of English. I’m sure she’s read a book or two.”

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LeVar Burton is on the move Reading Rainbow earned multiple Daytime Emmy nominations, winning three. He has also won five NAACP Image Awards. He also famously co-starred in regular ministries Roots and on Star Trek: The Next Generationplaying Geordi La Forge.

What do you think of the LeVar Burton/Kanye West exchange? If you could recommend one Kanye West book, what would it be?


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