Mysterious ripples in Milky Way were caused by passing dwarf galaxy Get Whole Detail

Mysterious ripples in Milky Way were caused by passing dwarf galaxy
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Our cosmic house, the Milky Manner, incorporates between 100 and 400 billion stars. Astronomers imagine that the galaxy was born 13.6 billion years in the past, rising from a rotating cloud of fuel composed of hydrogen and helium. Over billions of years, the fuel then collected in a rotating disk the place the celebs, akin to our solar, had been shaped.

In a brand new research printed in Month-to-month Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the analysis group presents their findings concerning the stars within the outer areas of the galactic disk.

“We are able to see that these stars wobble and transfer up and down at completely different speeds. When the dwarf galaxy Sagittarius handed the Milky Manner, it created wave motions in our galaxy, a little bit bit like when a stone is dropped right into a pond”, Paul McMillan, the astronomy researcher at Lund Observatory who led the research, explains.

By utilizing knowledge from the European house telescope Gaia, the analysis group was in a position to research a a lot bigger space of ​​​​the Milky Manner’s disk than was beforehand potential. By measuring how sturdy the ripples are in numerous components of the disc, the researchers have begun to piece collectively a fancy puzzle, offering clues about Sagittarius’ historical past and orbit round our house galaxy.

Paul McMillan (Photo: Johan Joelsson)
Paul McMillan (Picture: Johan Joelsson)

“For the time being, Sagittarius is slowly being torn aside, however 1-2 billion years in the past it was considerably bigger, in all probability round 20 p.c of the mass of the Milky Manner’s disk”, says Paul McMillan.

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The researchers had been stunned by how a lot of the Milky Manner they may research utilizing the info from Gaia. To this point the telescope, which has been in operation since 2013, has measured the motion throughout the sky of roughly two billion stars and the motion in the direction of or away from us of 33 million.

“With this new discovery, we are able to research the Milky Manner in the identical approach that geologists draw conclusions concerning the construction of the Earth from the seismic waves that journey via it. One of these “galactic seismology” will educate us so much about our house galaxy and its evolution”, Paul McMillan concludes.


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