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Nonton Because This Is My First Love – Popular internet blogger Onon-seok has a big secret. He lived 300 years to find his first love. Jung Ha, his first love, is looking for him, and suddenly a 25 year old man appears in front of him. Not expecting his first love to be born as a boy, Onon-seok Ha pushed him from the start. However, since Ha Onon is Onon Seok’s editor at Shinbi Bookstore, Onon Seok can’t get away from Ha Onon, and of course, the distance between them is getting closer. (Source: Adapted from the competition winner’s BL script (You Make Me Dance) by Ascendio Firm. Edit translation

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this series, but I’m glad it proved its worth to me, and hopefully to other viewers too. The Korean LGBTQ+ movie industry is developing and improving its series in terms of production and continuity, which is evident when watching the exhibition. Watching “First Love Returns” was definitely a good decision. In the future, I will try to make my proposal more specific.

Nonton Because This Is My First Love

Nothing particularly extraordinary or unfortunate. But this is closer to the usual high standards of Korean dramas. One thing I want to point out is that the use of light and shadow in this collection is correct. Compared to other Korean LGBTQI+ series, the dialogues and monologues are better both in quantity and quality. The story isn’t rushed as usual and I’m sure we can expect more drama like this in the near future.

Sleep With Me (television Mini Collection 2022)

As I said in the title, the plot is unique and interesting. I especially like the soft steps and funny side of the more serious story. None of the characters seem to be written as superhumans, but ordinary citizens like you and me. One of them just recalled the incomplete love story and did his best to finally let his conscience rest in peace. Aside from fleeting memories of his past, his multi-layered personality and sense of humor, he doesn’t have any strengths or traits that make him more regular. Also, I enjoyed Onon-seok and Jung Ha-yo’s funny moments. very pretty however, it gets a bit boring towards the end.

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But what surprised me the most was that these two lead actors appeared in a drama (on MDL) for the first time. It’s even more disconcerting when you witness their brilliance on their faces and natural behavior. So what can I say? They did a great job and I’m glad they chose Jeon Chang Ha and Kim Gun as the main characters because they fit the characters so well and the whole series is in sync.

The supporting cast also performed satisfactorily in their roles. I can’t think of anything that I find disturbing or inappropriate. Bless it. Track Han Hye is very famous as Mikael. I love the idea and origin of the characters, firstly, the gender is fluid/non-binary, and secondly, the show mentions their personalities. nice work!

As I said earlier, in terms of innovation and production, this show is highly recommended, and watching “First Love Returns” was a very good decision because it was a turning point in the Korean LGBTQI+ movie industry.

Man In Love (2014)

With one exception, oooo Track Han Hae who plays Shin Bi/Mikael is actually not bad, I was so impressed with the character, he reminds me of IU….

But I think there’s more than evidence… but nothing really bad about this show, but nothing good either… just… Tae Woo woo is a college student who lived alone until college. a high school dropout (Choi Hoon), an out-of-control family friend (Oh Jia Rim), and a childhood friend (Han Track Yi)—they move in unexpectedly.

Tae-Oh and Track-Yi are best friends since childhood. When Tae-woo falls in love with his search engine optimization friend Do-hyun, his old love for Track-yi resurfaces.

(Sorry for the spelling, Asian drama sites spelled the title one way, Netflix spelled the subtitle another. Which is correct!?)

Mandy Moore Hasn’t Watched ‘a Stroll To Bear in mind’ In 10 Years

This is a remix of “Why First Time” (2015), which I have never seen/cannot compare.

I recently (already) read “Romance is a bonus e-book” about children of different genders (rich men, poor women) living together… For people like my mother…

Okay I admit…the show is short but I love it! It was nice and soft, just what I needed in my day to recharge my brain. The actors have great chemistry and there are lots of funny moments.

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I’m so sad that there are only eight episodes, especially when the last one ended on a cliffhanger! Another complaint is the rapid development of the relationship. I prefer the slow-burning romance and emotional connection to the characters. High school student Zhu Qianshuang falls in love with a popular student, Kiao Yee, but she can’t bring herself to admit it, so she decides to lose herself. After Zhu Qianshuang tried various thinness methods, including a diet plan, thinness medicine, emesis, and electrotherapy, she not only became thin, but was also ridiculed and ostracized by her peers. Zhu Qianshuang’s long-term efforts were in vain, and so was her love. After graduation, the two parted as if they had never met, but what he didn’t know was that the ups and downs he went through had happened to Kiao Ye, but neither of them revealed it. Their emotions are everything. for some reason. Two brave men who teach each other miss and miss each other’s youth. (Source: Baidu) Edit translation

Jinxed At First (2022)

This is no ordinary high school drama. The story must be complicated because it’s about a “fat” girl and something interesting (“fat” vs. “thin”). This is a topic of interest to many viewers. But what does FL’s weak form have to do with this drama? He’s here and like FL’s conscience, we saw him at the end, but I don’t know why. FL ‘Chubby’ looks like a cute ‘regular’ student, has the same friends and is bullied for his weight. He loves ML and is not afraid to talk to him or talk to him (I can’t find any chemistry between them). But 10 years later, he is not brave, he is completely different from high school, he is sad. An incident with FL, 10 years his senior from high school, leaves him devastated. At first I was not worried about my weight. There is a correlation between small FL and big FL.

The drama took up so much time in high school (I barely grew up) that I didn’t understand the adult version. I know FL has a lot of blind dates (I don’t know why, because it’s beautiful). Neither FL nor ML don’t seem to develop personally after high school, and neither of them (protagonists or supporting characters) have happy endings. After the author graduated from high school, all relationships seemed to be resolved.

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The last scene in the car seems to take place in the middle of episode 24, not at the end of episode 12. I wonder if there will be a season 2 or not, how disappointing it was. I don’t know… I’m lost.

01/28 I finished watching this drama. First of all, I think this drama will be the best drama I have ever seen. The story is well packed from the beginning of the episode to the middle of the episode and interesting to the end. But the author spoiled them with an unhappy ending. Second, because of the love story of young people, I feel like watching this drama every episode and smiling is a waste of time. Third, maybe the student love won’t last long enough to get married, but the love between Kiao Ye and Qian Shuang should really be together. They don’t have time to say love, the writer keeps the audience hopeful. I hope there will be a second season or at least an episode of their romance to clear up any confusion. They are alone, don’t make up stories like this. fourth,

Because Of You (television Mini Collection 2020)

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