Pregnant Odette Annable Celebrates Baby #2 With Shower Rush: Bevin Prince, Jamie-Lynn Sigler & More Get Whole Detail

Pregnant Odette Annable Celebrates Baby #2 With Shower Rush: Bevin Prince, Jamie-Lynn Sigler & More
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“With all my heart,” Prince, 39, commented on Odette’s balloon post, while Jenna Dewan added: “I love this and you so much 💖.”

Duff, for her part, shared one of the photos of the group through her Instagram page, showing that many of the women chose pink dresses. “I loved celebrating this beauty and her growing family! 💕 @odetteanable,” the Real Kitchen Girls author, 37, wrote on social media on Wednesday, September 21.

Odette announced her pregnancy in May after suffering multiple miscarriages following the birth of her daughter Charlie in 2015.

“It wouldn’t be possible to share the joy without acknowledging the pain. This photo feels like we’ve personally earned it from years of having another child on our minds,” she wrote on Instagram earlier this year, sharing an ultrasound photo for her fans. “We went through a lot of losses, IUI failed, IVF failed and then, it felt like a miracle. All this to say, to anyone struggling with infertility, I SEE you and I’m with you.”

Old way in October. The actress added: “Thank you for the support and love, we are sorry for everything!”.

In addition to her difficult journey with her second child, Odette recently spoke about the loss of two close friends. First, she mourned the loss of Joshua Allen in June, whom she called her “brother” and “constant” in her life for 14 years.

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Less than a month later, she revealed that “Prince’s beloved husband”, William Friend, died at the age of 33. “Being here with Bevin, hearing her share stories about you and your love in my heart It breaks because she lost the love of her life and the world lost a very good one,” Odette wrote on Instagram. “I know you will still be with her and your beautiful sisters and family, the Prince’s family, and we will all feel that you spread your light and beauty to everyone who was lucky enough to know you.”

The One Tree Hill schoolgirl has yet to speak publicly about her husband’s death, but she appeared to be in good spirits as she joined Odette at her birthday party this week.


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