Russian forces raped and tortured children in Ukraine, according to the United Nations commission Get Whole Detail

Russian forces raped and tortured children in Ukraine, according to the United Nations commission
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Russian forces have raped and tortured children in Ukraine, carried out “numerous” executions and other war crimes, according to an investigation by United Nations legal experts.

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Friday in Geneva reported the results of the United Nations to investigate the way the war took place.

“Based on the evidence gathered by the commission, they have concluded that war crimes have occurred in Ukraine,” Erik Mose, chairman of the three-member commission, told the UN Human Rights Council.

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Mose, a Norwegian judge, said the committee had documented cases of children being subjected to “rape, torture and illegal detention.”

“There are examples of cases where relatives are forced to witness crimes,” he added. “In the cases we examined, the ages of victims of sexual and gender abuse ranged from four to 82 years.”

Children were also killed and injured in “indiscriminate attacks” by Russian forces using explosive weapons, he said.

Musa said that he and his colleagues “encountered many judgments in the areas we visited.”

The commission is investigating executions in 16 cities and towns and has “credible allegations of many murder cases, which we are still registering,” he said.

The murder cases often featured “the early strangulation of the victims as well as visible signs of killing the bodies, such as hands tied behind their backs, gunshots to the head, and throat slits,” according to Moses.

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Ukrainians who were illegally detained, witnesses “gave us regular accounts of ill-treatment and torture,” he said.

The commission’s announcement follows other allegations of war crimes from international human rights groups, Western governments and Ukrainian authorities, including the recent discovery of a mass grave in the eastern city of Izyum. .

The committee also found two cases of “mistreatment of Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian army,” he said. “Although they are few in number, such cases remain the subject of our attention.”

The committee focused on Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy regions, visiting 27 cities and towns and interviewing 150 victims and witnesses.

As it continues its investigation, it will investigate forced renditions and allegations of child adoption, Moses said.

The United States has accused Russia of interrogating, arresting and forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to Russia. An unknown number of children are believed to have been adopted by Russian families. The alleged deportation constitutes a war crime, which violates the Geneva Convention, according to US officials.

Russia has denied committing war crimes and has defended its approach to warfare since launching the invasion on February 24. Russian officials said that the Ukrainians who moved to Russia traveled there on their own accord.


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