The Best K-Pop Songs of Summer 2022 Get Whole Detail

The Best K-Pop Songs of Summer 2022
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Over the past few years, South Korea’s music industry has grown exponentially thanks to the help of international superstars BTS, who have emerged as one of the biggest boy groups of the 21st century. . The fast-paced and exciting K-pop industry has reached beyond the borders of South Korea, becoming one of the largest pop markets in the world. Today, we reveal the top K-pop releases during the summer of 2022.

BTS – “Still Coming”

Specially pre-recorded and released as part of FESTA, an annual festival tied to BTS’ first anniversary, the group announced that they would be taking a break from group activities to focus on their solo work. . Three days later, the band released their first anthology album Clarificationand its lead track “Yet to Come.” The track develops the same theme discussed in their previous album, called, Life’s Most Beautiful Moment, in which the group discussed the onset of young adulthood, a time marked by endless possibilities but also crippling feelings of anxiety. about insecurity. himself and the uncertainty of the future.

To follow the same theme, “Yet to Come” is a nostalgia-ridden track that symbolizes the closing of their twenties, as most of the members enter their 20s and early 30s. The track is simultaneously moody and hopeful, as member V croons in the introduction, “Yeah, the past was really the best / But the best is the next / I’m not playin’, sure.” The members reminisce about their best times in the past but also know that their greatest times are yet to come. It is these messages of hope that are etched into songs like “Life Goes On,” “00:00 (Zero O’ Clock),” “Spring Day,” and now “Still to Come,” along with the power BTS to be efficient. music that sets them apart from the rest of K-pop and helps them connect with a larger audience.


In their nine years as a group, twice they achieved great success to the point where each member was recognized outside of the group. However, even with this popularity, not a single member of Twice has released any solo work until June when lead singer Nayeon released her first album titled “POP!” The track is accompanied by elements one would imagine coming out of the summer to sound and feel. The hum of the chorus, the anticipatory hook that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait for the chorus to drop, and the upbeat vibe all make the song so popular and popular, so it’s time for K-pop to get lost. Away from all the unnecessary chorus-filled EDM tracks and embrace fun pop songs, like “POP!” second time.

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Seventeen – “_WORLD”

In the spring, Seventeen released their fourth studio album, Face the Sunwhich became a major commercial success for the band, becoming their highest-charting album and their first top ten album on the Billboard 200. A month and a half later, the band released a remastered, self-titled version of the album. Section 17, along with the lead single, “The World.” The song combines funk and R&B and is reminiscent of their early EDM and pop releases. While some may say that Seventeen is playing it safe for the release of “the world,” fans and regular listeners of the group, this is Seventeen only in their section.

The song doesn’t rely too much on gimmicks, like autotune and TikTok dance moves like their previous release “HOT”, instead it’s a very dynamic sound, with the main vocalists, Seungkwan and Joshua, leading the elements. important part of the song. The song is simple and beautiful with soft funk and a lead vocal delivery. In comparison, the song is not as catchy as “HOT” was, but it still has Seventeen’s same aura that once helped them become the famous group around the world today.

NewJeans – “Attention”

As third-generation K-pop groups disbanded, went on hiatus, and became unpopular in general, there were many new groups emerging. Some of these teams have already established themselves both domestically and internationally, but most of these teams are struggling to achieve any success domestically as well as internationally. NewJeans, a girl group that debuted in July with their single “Attention,” is the latest contender for a group that can dominate the 4th generation both internationally and domestically, and their solo lead is proof of that. “Attention” has everything that the 4th K-pop group lacks. The song is well-produced and unique with mid-00s pop and R&B influences, as opposed to the over-the-top EDM tracks that their peers regularly release. The vocals are the main focus of the song rather than the lyrics and music video, which helps them stand out from other 4th bands that focus on other genres.

Pleasant to listen to, the song uses minimal production to accompany it and the band’s honeyed vocals. Their simple story also plays to their strengths, as it makes them very different. All these elements in the first NewJeans were in many other songs for K-pop groups of previous generations and were the reason for the success of those groups. So, it’s safe to say that if NewJeans keep up with what they did with “Attention,” they could also be a leading force for the next generation of K-pop.

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Seventeen – “Happiness”

Prior to the release of the repackaged version of their fourth album, Section 17, and titled “_WORLD”, the seventeenth leader, consisting of S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi, released their single “CHEERS” along with a music video. The pre-release follows the same genius found on their latest title “HOT,” with the autotune lyrics returning alongside the song’s hip-hop production, except this time, SEVEN and ten combines hip-hop and Asian trap. The song reflects how far the band has come since their humble beginnings as artists from a small company.

“CHEERS” is a perfect exaggeration song and a charming portrait of SEVENTEEN’s desire to experiment mentally. However, their experiment was not limited to the production of the song. Even the dance has them experimenting with new things, like the Bollywood-esque hip-shaking move towards the end of the song. Surely by now Seventeen is aware of the kind of sound that warrants a hit. However, even with this knowledge, they seem to be interested in experimenting, which raises the curiosity about what kind of sound the group will come up with next.

NewJeans – “Injury”

The previously released single, “Hurt,” from the new group HYBE emphasizes the quality of the group’s sound. Staying true to their retro vibe, “Hurt” is reminiscent of modern R&B from the 2000s, with its simple production and stripped-down lyrics. Again, the song’s minimal production helps highlight the band’s soft sound. Along with that, a music video and arrangement adds to the idea of ​​casting. The track is one-dimensional in that it doesn’t have highs and any dynamic vocal changes but instead glides over a steady groove. However, the song still shines in its presentation of melodic variations. The 4th generation of K-pop girls is mostly focused on dancing and breaking ideas for girls, it’s fun to see a new group trying something new and trendy.

IVE – “After LIKE”

K-pop is known for many things, such as high-budget music videos, amazing visuals, and constant samples. Basically all of these elements help make K-pop widely successful, and they just so happen to also be present in IVE’s first comeback, “After Like.” The dance track first begins with a mock instrumental sample of the famous “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and builds to the chorus, where a sample riff is used in the background. However, the track isn’t a complete throwback, with the addition of deep house instrumentals adorning the rest of the track. Although there is something more new to IVE’s “Afterwards” than its popular sample, it includes its beautiful music video and attractive artwork. It’s probably one of the best K-pop music videos released this year and the best on this list.

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The only drawback of IVE’s first comeback is how the song remains its banal sketch. But even that weakness doesn’t pale in comparison to all the horrors of the hurricane.

Talk to That Talker – Twice

Since they have twice started their transition towards mature ideas, they have met with mixed responses, especially from Korean fans. Some of these comebacks weren’t the worst, but they still lacked the charm of the doubles that most fans are familiar with. “Talk That Talk” is the perfect mature concept with the familiar Twice-esque feel most fans are familiar with. The upbeat synth-pop track has a catchy bridge and chorus that goes along with a stunning music video in which the girls look gorgeous in their clothes. The music video stays true to the song’s retro concept, with a sci-fi retro movie look. However, the most amazing aspect of the song is the vocals, as the three vocalists Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon, carried the most amazing parts of the song. Without a doubt, the track offers some of the best work of the duo, which is hard to find in a title track from a seven-year-old girl group. Overall, the track is energetic and addictive, just like their previous title, but also offers a new side of the duo that fans have never seen before.

THE BOY – “Timeless”

After the 2021 release of “MAVERICK,” it seemed that the BOYZ were changing their usual bright and vocal output to fit the trends of rap-driven and EDM-filled. However, this may not be entirely the case, as shown by the summer release of “Timeless.” The neutral track basically serves as a message to their fans that their love for them will always be timeless. It’s a melodious song that conveys a beautiful message to their fans and is one of the band’s best songs. Hopefully, when it was released, the BOYZ continued to move away from everything they were trying to achieve with “MAVERICK”. directed to create music with songs and sweet songs, such as “Timeless.”



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