The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak Get Whole Detail

The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak
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The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak – KBRN, Pontianak: There is good news for oil palm farmers in Sambas because the price of oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in Sambas district has started to rise. Today the price is around IDR 1,800 per kilo, Friday (12/8/2022).

One of the oil palm farmers in Sebawi Regency, Reza, is grateful for the increase in oil palm after the recession in recent months. Currently tied to the highest price of IDR 1,775 per kilo. The prize can be obtained at PT RWK Sambas Regency.

The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak

“Thank God it’s great. Palm oil prices have started to rise. This means that the government is trying to increase the price of palm oil,” he said.

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He said the regular price of palm oil is half of the current price. It can be said that the current price is still far from the regular price, especially the price of FFB which is not clear because it is not stable.

“Even though the regular price of palm oil is above US$ 3,000. Until now the price is still changing, it always is,” he said.

Reza hopes that the government will continue to increase the price of palm oil because most of the sources for Viral.Spot72, residents of Sambas Regency, depend on the price of palm oil.

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“I really hope the government pays attention to oil palm farmers who are affected by FFB prices. Not only profit, but many people are paid and work to save palm oil,” he hoped.

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Previously, Sambas Regent Satono complained to oil palm farmers in Sambas Regency regarding the payment of Fresh Fruit Bonus (FFB) to the Minister of Trade (Mendag) of the Republic of Indonesia, Zulkifli Hasan in Jakarta, Sunday (17/7).

Regent Satono said that before going to Jakarta to attend the first National Conference of the Association of Indonesian Palm Oil Producers (AKPSI), he heard many complaints from oil palm farmers.

“Because many private oil palm farmers complain that the price of FFB has dropped drastically. I also heard from the news and other information. I believe this situation will make it difficult for oil palm farmers. Sambas Regency,” he said.

The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak

“As a regional head, I have a duty to cooperate with the central government on regional issues. I am very active in fighting for the status of private oil palm farmers in Sambas Regency. Hopefully the wishes sent will follow. PONTIANAK, – President Joko Widodo’s instructions through the Minister of Trade (Mendag), Zulkifli Hasan, starting today, palm oil companies are required to buy fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from farmers for more than Rp. 2,000 per kilo.

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Despite the recommendation from the Minister of Trade, the company in Riam Kota, Jelai Hulu District, Ketapang Regency will still sell FFB for under two thousand rupiah.

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“The current price is only Rp. 1,345, not according to the instructions of the Minister of Trade,” Rubertus Hardianto, a private farmer in Jelai Hulu Regency, told the newspaper.

The order of the Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan to palm oil companies to sell FFB at a price above Rp. 2,000 per kilogram will have an impact on both partners and non-partners of the company.

“This is a direct instruction from the President. I am the Minister of Trade who said that next week the price of FFB will rise above Rp. 2,000 per kilo,” said the Minister of Trade and Zulkifli Hasan.

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Back to Rubertus Hardianto. He said currently selling FFB at the Canary Palm Oil Mill (PKS). He admitted that he was initially pleased with the Minister of Trade’s suggestion.

Like Sinarmas, PT Palma Bumi Lestari is located in You Village, Ngabang District, Landak Regency.

The Minister of Trade’s instructions were not responded to. Munsif only read messages sent without much comment.

The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak

, would also like to confirm the Head of Company Communications of Sinarmas Agribusiness and Meals, Wulan Suling. No response at press time.

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In fact, the government’s policy is to abolish export duties as a way to increase FFB prices, which are currently declining. Unfortunately, the government’s solution is only a discourse.

According to Suriansyah, because the price of FFB is only Rp. 2,000, the income of small farmers. Because production costs continue to rise.

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In particular, the cost of purchasing fertilizers is increasing. This includes labor costs that continue to rise, which is heavily influenced by rising palm oil prices.

“The price of two thousand does not satisfy the farmers. The price of FFB should reach three thousand to four thousand rupiah, like the price before the export ban,” he explained.

Please, Mr. President, Oil Palm Farmers Are Difficult, Fertilizer And Herbicide Prices Are Very High

This representative from the Sambas Dapil community hopes that the government will pay attention to palm oil mills. So that the palm oil industry does not become dominant.***

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The Latest Info on Palm Oil Prices today in Pontianak

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