This HP Omen gaming PC cuts the price by over $500 Get Whole Detail

This HP Omen gaming PC cuts the price by over $500
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Omen 40L desktop PC against white background.

HP is probably not the first company that comes to your mind when you think of the best gaming PCs, but it offers excellent hardware at a reasonable price. Take the Omen 40L Desktop, for example; Not only does it come with a powerful GPU but you can pick it up from HP for just $1,630, down from $2,150, which is a $520 discount.

Why you should buy Omen 40L Desktop

While the Omen 40L shares many of the same features as the Omen 30L, the 40L blows it out of the water with the more powerful Nvidia RTX 3070. Sitting on one of the best GPUs on the market, the RTX 3070 is great if you’re chasing a high. High refresh rates or resolutions, even for modern AAA games, should pair well with monitors in our gaming monitor agreements. As for the CPU, it’s a powerful 12-gen Intel i7-12700K, and it’s easily one of the best CPUs on the market, so you won’t have issues running simulations and strategy games or even doing productivity or editing work, so it is one of the deals on PC games.

What will help is the 16GB of HyperX DDR4 RAM, which seems very small compared to the GPU and CPU combo mentioned above, but more than enough for the average gamer and you won’t be going against the power of your PC. . mostly. In terms of storage, you get a 512GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, so you have several options for installing your games and general storage, although you’ll likely upgrade the line at some point. In terms of connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 6, so you can have a good wireless experience while playing games, and Bluetooth 5 means no lag or issues if you’re connecting a Bluetooth device like a headset. header.

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Overall, the Omen 40L does a great job of being a top-of-the-range gaming desk, and at a discounted price of $1,630 from HP — a $520 discount from its normal price of $2,150 — it’s definitely worth it. catchy, especially when you consider that the RTX 3070 itself can cost $500-$600, so you’re basically getting the GPU for free. Of course, if you need more portability, there are plenty of great gaming laptop deals to look at as replacements or desktop replacements.

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