Understanding Accommodation And Roles In Different Sectors – Viral.Spot72 Explored

Understanding Accommodation And Roles In Different Sectors – Viral.Spot72
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Place of residence means it is a situation where there is an effort made with the intention of solving a problem or to be able to resolve a conflict that occurs between two or more parties. A place of residence is therefore a collective relationship in a social context. The purpose of accommodation is to be able to reach an agreement on the most favorable terms. In addition, there are actually several other ideas that define the place of residence. There are those who describe the accommodation as a step to solve problems arising from several groups without favoring one of the affected groups. And in this settlement effort, it is hoped that all parties involved in the conflict can find mutually beneficial agreements.

The term Residence is used in many fields

The term settlement is one of the most used terms by sociologists to describe a situation where people or groups conflict or conflict in resolving their relationship so that the problems that arise can be overcome.

In addition to sociologists, the term habitat is also frequently used in several other fields, such as:

  1. Psychologists, the term habituation has a lot to do with the adjustment of human behavior patterns.
  2. In tourism, the word accommodation is often closely related to the benefits that can be found in accommodation facilities for those who travel, for example, hotels, villas, hostels, residences and so on.
  3. In the Health field, the term accommodation is often closely related to the ability to adjust the eyes to see or focus.

Then what is the purpose of the residence?

If you look at the commonly understood definition, the accommodation itself actually has a main purpose as a way to solve problems or as a way to emphasize so that complex problems emerge from one problem. Place of residence means be a bridge, for example in some cases there are problems that are very difficult to find a solution. Therefore a third party will be required as an intermediary and it is usually this third party that acts as an intermediary and is referred to as the accommodation.

In fact, there are several goals that can be done in an effort to create a place of residence including:

  1. Preventing the occurrence of problems that are increasingly difficult in the conflict that occurs in people or groups caused by the existence of different types of differences of opinion
  2. Reducing the occurrence of conflicts that may last for a long time because you do not find a bright spot to eventually cause a split.
  3. It allows the realization of cooperation between several social groups that live apart due to several factors, both social and cultural differences.
  4. The shelter also helps create peace by bringing together community groups with different backgrounds but with a common goal.
  5. Be able to find a way out of a conflict or problem without hurting one side and act as a mediator.

What are the Characteristics of the Dormitory?

In fact, the general settlement was initiated as an attempt to reduce some of the sources of the conflicting parties’ problems, so that the problem could finally be resolved as quickly as possible. And other features of the accommodation itself include:

  • The need for accommodation itself may arise due to a problem or conflict
  • Accommodation is also an ongoing process
  • Place of residence means a combination of hate and love
  • The place of residence is the whole place

29. Akomodasi Artinya2 Understanding Accommodation And Roles In Different Sectors

Residence Forms

In general, there are several types of accommodation, some of which are:

Compromise is a form of accommodation that is made when problems arise, and then discussed as a way to solve the problems. The purpose of this compromise is to reduce the demands of all parties to a fair settlement.

Compromise is one of the repair processes that can make all the parties facing the conflict reduce the demands of each other or the expectations of each other so that finally the source of the tension calms down so that the problem or conflict is finally resolved.

Reconciliation is a way of sleeping that is usually done by the parties who are in conflict to finally hold a special meeting to find a way out of the problem they are facing. Your destination residence means This is a quick fix.

Stalemate is a stalemate that can happen when the situation can improve itself because the parties involved have just realized that there is a balance of power or position. And this often happens because of self-awareness and finally considering the consequences of the conflict that they will bear later if they have to continue with it. For example, there is the result of division that they do not want, the result of war between groups and others.

Comercion is a type of settlement that can be made on the basis of coercion or a type of dispute that is usually dominated by only one party. This often happens because one of the parties to the conflict has no power at all. Or it could be because of position or status so they can defend themselves. So that the solution of the problem is determined very evenly by one of the parties without allowing any instructions. And often this coercion often occurs due to conflicts based on groups that have different social status and power from each other.

Arbitration is a type of settlement where during its operation it always introduces another party that is not involved in the dispute to act as arbitrator of the dispute. It is also called a “third party” who has a role as an arbitrator or mediator in a dispute. And third parties will present a statement of consent from all parties to the conflict. So, eventually there will be steps to resolve the conflicts that occur.

Tolerance itself is a form of accommodation that at the time of its implementation depends largely on the self-awareness of one conflicting group in order to residence means it has a broader meaning, because the intervening party at least has more understanding of the situation that created the tension. Self-tolerance is done by either party without the consent of the other party. This is actually one of the fastest ways to stay as a way to avoid a big argument.

So residence means It can be a bridge for you to solve a problem from one group to another without taking sides. But the most important thing is just to look at the vision, the conditions and the condition of the living space to be used so that the solution fits the situation.


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