What did the absent professor do in class? Get Whole Detail

What did the absent professor do in class?
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Generally, a teacher should teach the children who are learning from him. We have to show them the right path instead of walking on the wrong path. But in recent times it is known that some teachers are acting in order to bring the teaching profession into disrepute. Many incidents arise where students are expected to study and behave more responsibly, but they gather at school and make noise among the students.

It must be said that a similar incident has recently come to light. Except for a drunken professor who misbehaved with students once. The professor said that he was in a state where he did not know what to do while drinking alcohol, he was singing. The incident came to light at JNDU University in Patan Kot, Punjab. A video of a professor singing while drunk is going viral on Twitter. In this video you can also see that he is drinking with his own money and no one is asking.

However, the professor reacted blankly to the video. He tried to change the story and said that he was not drinking at the time and pretended to be drunk. He accused them of spreading false propaganda against him and made the video viral. He said that he has never had an addiction in his life until now, no matter who asks about it. Meanwhile, the college authorities have identified the person who was under the influence of alcohol as Ravinder Kumar, who works in the mathematics college.

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