When you are broken inside. Be sad. Be alone. So always remember my one thing ‣ Viral.Spot72 Get Whole Detail

When you are broken inside. Be sad. Be alone. So always remember my one thing ‣ Viral.Spot72
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By forgiving, a person’s own soul becomes pure. Humility is that if a person sees an evil in others, then he should consider it as his own. Say it every time of difficulty. La Hawwal Wala Quwat Il-Allah Al-Ali Al-Azm Difficulty will become easy. A person who behaves well with naive children will have an increase in his sustenance. It is enough for a man’s ignorance that he is not aware of his value and importance. Where your words are not valued

It is better to remain silent there. The benefit is one, but if you panic, it will be doubled. Don’t talk too much, it makes more mistakes and people get bored. Don’t worry too much about children. If he is a friend of Allah, then Allah will not let him perish, and if he is not an enemy of Allah, then you, the enemies of Allah, are not worried! The entire life of Hazrat Ali (R.A.) is composed of the ruler of the court. Badru Uhud Khand Q and Hanan, you (RA) sacrificed your life everywhere for the sake of Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) but Hazrat Ali (RA)’s bravery, loyalty to you (RA), your spirit of self-sacrifice and emigration for the sake of the truth. Jihad, these are the qualities that made you the beloved servant of Allah and His Messenger, Hazrat Ali, just as justice and

He had justice and courage, similarly, he was an example in knowledge and wisdom. Hazrat Umar’s famous saying was that if Ali had not Had it been, Umar Hill would have been a song. Today we are going to share an incident from the life of Hazrat Ali with you. A person came to the service of Hazrat Ali and politely asked, O Ali, I am stuck in a difficult situation and when I die, the difficulty is not going to end. After hearing this, Hazrat Ali said, “O man, there are a few deeds that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, told us, the people of the tribe, by which difficulties can be removed by the grace of Allah.

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I live far away, he said, “O Ali, tell me some action so that the difficulty of dying becomes easy.” Hazrat Ali said, “O person, sit in one place after reading Maghrib prayer, and then die peacefully.” Reciting blessings upon the Messenger of Allah and his family

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